Sunday, February 21, 2010

Sample Pinky And Sincerre Negg Urine Sample But From This>>> Do You Think I Could Still Get A Positive Blood Test?

Negg urine sample but from this>>> do you think i could still get a positive blood test? - sample pinky and sincerre

Negga urine sample, but it>>> Do you think I can still make a positive blood test?
I left the media in British Columbia, the 08th October
had a normal period of 1 to 6 November Day
Many gender inclusive
December of last time
and went to the documentation that started me on folic acid and treated me as if preg.
came on 12 December, but was not normal, Pinky / Brown
good sex also had this month (all day trying to make sure that caught my date of ovulation)
There is no time remains will be presented on Friday ..
Negative test the other day
in feeling
- The last days of Tau ill but not sick
- The roller coaster of emotional cry of laughter --
- Abdominal deaf
- It started swelling of the abdomen
- Darkening of the nipples
- And you r A blue veinight thanks to my chest ..

honest answers please ..

fell in the urine sample of documents and the result was negative

but you have been able to demonstrate a blood test that, because what the doctor recommended me to do?
If you think the preg think their November December
thank you x


Sian said...

If your urine sample negative for doubting doctors. This is perhaps a phantom pregnancy, which has convinced itself that they may be pregnant, and if your brain, your body behave as if they are located. If your doctor do a blood test recommended okay, but I think it's a waste of time, to be honest ..

38 weeks and getting fed up... said...

For these symptoms, you beat me to the wall .. I would be for blood test, and then try again at a later date. It is not impossible, false negative results when you actually get pregnant. Good luck!

First Time Mum: 6/3/09 said...

Is I was pregnant three months before the test would be positive, so I thought what was wrong with me, the best thing that we are their doctors or family every two weeks to do cuz I can reduce c What I did, cuz I know i I was pregnant, and after a period of three months, doctors finally said positively that I was only in the yard until my first analysis I say correct. Wait and see if it is positive, whether and if so, then wait until the first analysis, must

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