Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Index !ex.jpg Should I Wear This For The First Day For School?

Should i wear this for the first day for school? - index !ex.jpg

OK, so alien was important for my team to make it new!

Shirt: http://www.tillys.com/tillys/images/catalog/300x300/152172100.jpg

with a light blue shirt, weak!

Trousers: http://shop.pacsun.com/denim/hermosa-super-skinny/Hermosa-Super-Skinny-Deep-Blue-Jeans/index.pro

Shoes: http://www.flatspot.com/store/images/vans/oct_2008/vans_authentic_suede_jewel_blue_ex.jpg

Shoes are the same color as the tank

Do you have an idea for the accessories?

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it's me said...

cute outfit! They might be a band matching bracelets.

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